As a Chinaman Saw Us

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As A Chinaman Saw Us was published for the first time at the beginning of the twentieth century and became popular almost at once within a wide circle of readers. The book contains a collection of let


ters written by a Chinese diplomat who served for some time (1892-1902) in the United States. Most of the letters include the impressions from the country where he stayed and were addressed to his friends at home. The book is divided into the following chapters: The American, Who He Is; The American Man; American Customs; The American Woman; The Superstitions of the American; The American Press; The American Doctor; Peculiarities and Mannerisms; Life in Washington; The American in Literature; The Political Boss; Education in America; The Army and Navy; Art in America; The Dark Side of Republicanism; Sports and Pastimes; The Chinaman in America; The Religions of the Americans.

As a Chinaman Saw Us
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