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times shorts, was added, the latter quite sparingly, as it could only be obtained as a favor at ten cents per pound. As this compound settled to the bottom, each one would take a dipper and give it a vigorous stir, to enable him to obtain his share of the floating particles. To this would sometimes be added a mess of boiled greens, gathered from the banks of the river. Very rarely, however, I a few. pounds of flour or corn meal were obtained and added to the repast. The crops this season were early and plentiful ; and on the twenty-fourth of July, my husband purchased a bushel of new wheat, and had it made into Graham flour. From this I made the first loaf of bread since the early part of February; and we had the assurance that the famine was over. CHAPTER VI. Pioneer Difficulties. ON the 27th of July, while rejoicing in the prospect of coming plenty, we received an increase to our family, in the form of a lovely infant boy whom we named Henry. During my husband's stay in the country, he had seen the advantages of owning land and raising grain for ourselves, without having, as in the City, to depend upon others. In a few weeks, he started for Spanish Fork to seek a new home ; having heard while in Provo, of the advantages it offered to new settlers ; namely, plenty of land, with a good supply of water. This was in August, 1856. He attended meeting there on Sunday in a bowery (the only place of worship) erected on the public square. To his surprise, he here met with an old friend, with whom he had been associated in the 2ist Quorum of Seventies, in Salt Lake City?William R.Jones, who was leading the choir. Service over, brother Jones introduced him to the members of the choir. Shortly after he became a member of that choir, with which he is still i...

Autobiography And Poems
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