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he half hour which followed the captain's utterance of that simple little word, "Me," exclamation, protestation and argument heated and umvontedly disturbed the atmosphere of the Minot spare stateroom and when the discussion adjourned there, of the little back yard. The old white horse, left to himself and quite forgotten, placidly meandered on until he reached a point where he could reach the tender foliage of a young pear tree which leaned over the wall toward him. Then, with a sigh of content, he proceeded to devour the tree. No one paid the least attention to him. Captain Kendrick, now seated upon the bench beneath the locust, was quietly but persistently explaining why he desired to become a boarder and lodger at Mr. Cahoon's quarters on the after lower deck of the General Minot house, and Judah was vociferously and profanely expostulating against such an idea. "It ain't fittin', I tell you," he declared, over and over again. "It ain't fittin', it's the craziest notion ever I heard tell of. What'll folks think if they know you're here?you, Cap'n Sears Kendrick, that all hands knows is the smartest cap'n that ever sailed out of Boston harbor? What'll they say if they know you've hove anchor along of me, stayin' here in the?in the fo'castle of this house; eatin' the grub I cook?" "I've eaten your cookin' for a good many months at a stretch, Judah. You never heard me find any fault with it, did you?" "Don't make no odds. That's different, Cap'n Sears, and you know 'tis. It's ridiculous, stark, ravin' ridiculous." "So you don't care for my company ?" "Don't tuk so! Wouldn't I be proud to have ye?Wouldn't I ruther have you aboard here than anybody else on earth ? Course I would!" "All right. And you're goin' to have me. So that's all settled."...

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