Gipsy Smith His Life And Work

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Gipsy Smith has become the forgotten evangelist. Although he preached to more people than any evangelist before Billy Graham, he has drifted into obscurity over the past fifty years. Smith's self-titl


ed autobiography tells the story of the first forty years of his amazing life. This work tells the story from Smith's early days as a Gypsy traveller to his service as a missioner with the Salvation Army, to service as an independent evangelist, and finally to his service around the world with the National Council of Evangelical Free Churches in England. As the book closes, Smith is perhaps the best-known and most popular evangelist in the world - a reputation he would enjoy for another thirty years. The book provides positive insights into the world of the Gypsies from the perspective of one of their most famous representatives. It gives a fascinating look at the life of a man who rose from the lowest levels of society to attain global prominence.

Gipsy Smith His Life And Work
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