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Nowadays the world is becoming more international and globalized. People are not locked in their countries; often they have to travel to another countries either on business or as tourists. Sometimes


they have to communicate with others or just learn the culture and traditions of a particular country. And in such situation the knowledge of a foreign language is very useful. This book is wonderful textbook for those who are thinking of learning Italian. It was created with the help of Berlitz, a professional in studying foreign languages and provides all necessary materials for learning the basis of communication, grammar and vocabulary of the Italian language. The method suggested in the book is very effective, and with its help it is possible to become fluent in Italian very soon. The textbook is well structured and covers such topics as greetings, meeting, shopping, restaurants, business situations, transport, traveling, hotels, emergencies and many others. Besides, it provides advice on how to make your studying most effective. When using this book, you don't even need tutors. You can devote several hours per week to the study and take the book as your guide when going to Italy. Moreover, mastering Italian in such a way will bring you a lot of fun and you will never get bored with this book.

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