Jack London And Hawaii

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Charmian Kittredge was Jack London's second wife. She was fearless and game for any adventure and Jack found her a comrade and encouraged her own writing which she started before she met him. They fir


st visited and fell in love with Hawaii with the Snark during their trip of 1907-09. Years later and following Jack's failing health, Charmian persuaded him to spend long periods in Hawaii during 1915 and 1916, the last two years of his life. In this book Charmian wrote about their life and experiences in Hawaii including a week stay in the the leper colony of Molokai, the subject of some of Jack London's best stories. In Hawaii, on July 16,1915 a year before his death, Jack London wrote a dedication to Charmian on a copy of "The Scarlet Plague": "And here, in blessed Hawaii eight years after our voyage here in our own speck boat, we find ourselves, not merely again, but more bound to eah other than then or ever."

Jack London And Hawaii
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