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xivCONTENTS.pagkAnother Affghanistan Campaign - Fall of Herat-War with England-Death cf the Heir Apparent-Sir H. Rawlinson at the Persian Court - Reform in Administration-Famine-European Tour of the S


hah-Concession to Baron Renter-Return of the Shah-First Railway ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 80CHAPTER IV.Religion : Zoroaster-Magian Faith under the Sassanian Dynasty- Guebres-Address to the Shah-Results of the Mohammedan Conquest-Doctrines of Mohammed-Shiahs and Snnnies-Ali Shrines-Kerbela-Shrine of the Imam Riza at Meshed ... ... 124CHAPTER V.Religion : Festival in Honour of Ali-Dramatic Representation of the Deaths of Hassan and Hussein-Snfee Doctrines-Dervishes- Babis-Attempt on the Life of the Shah-Jews-Introduction of Christianity-Nestorians - Armenians - Translation of the Scriptures-Missionaries in Persia-Henry Martyn-His Tomb -Martyn's Translation of the New Testament-Dr. Wolff- Revs. Robt. Bruce and Gordon-Horrors of FaminTable of Contents CONTENTS; CHAPTER I; History : Cyras-Zoroaster-Xerxes-Alexander the Great-Persia under the Parthians-The Magian Faith-Battles with the Romans-The Sassanian Dynasty-Chosroes - Silk-Heraclins in Persia-Career of Mohammed-Battle of Cade sia-Persia tinder the Caliphs-The Mongols-Tamerlane; CHAPTER II; Histoet : Seffavean Dynasty-Shiah Schism-Shah Abbas the Great -Nadir Shah'-His Invasion of India/-State of that country- Knreem Khan-Aga Mohammed-Haji Ibrahim-Kajar Dynasty -Expedition into Georgia-Assassination of Aga-Fetteh Ali- Malcolm's Embassy-Death of Haji Ibrahim-War with Russia; CHAPTER III; History : French Ambassador sent to Persia-Embassies from India and England-Abul Hussein Khan's visit to France and England -War declared with Russia-Massacre of Rnssian Mission-Death of Abbas Mirza-Decease of Fetteh Ali-Mohammed Shah- Residence of Persian Princes in London-Affghanistan Campaign -Siege of Hera

Persia Ancient Modern
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