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Elizabeth Gaskell is often considred as the forgotten classic author and "Ruth" is the best introduction into this obviously complex and passionate woman. "Ruth" is an incredible novel telling the sto


ry about a fallen woman due to an illegal affair and following birth of a bastard child. This, due to the societal assumptions of morality and goodness, take the main character to a series of frauds and griefs in an effort at redemption. Gaskell's expressive prose makes the reader to dive into the lives of various characters and as it is in three volumes, a lot of time is spent developing each individual. This allows to understand every character and his or her actions. The character of Ruth is definitely the most important and Gaskell allows her to develop into an almost Christ-like figure in her beliefs, faith and actions. "Ruth" is a novel that touches incredibly sensitive and deep subject matter and affirms again ones belief in a higher power. This novel is a perfect example a classic literature, and is a certain must have on every book shelf.

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