St. Elmo

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St. Elmo
Evans Augusta Jane
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This book that narrates about the course of life of Edna Earl from her birth till she grows up may be called a classical book of the Victorian epoch. The main character Edna Earl has strong moral valu


es and believes that everyone should respect the norms of the society and the way of life. She is also a very strong person with a strong core inside. It results into spiritual reawakening of St. Elmo. At first he was a miserable person who led an ordinary life containing all human vices. But after meeting Edna Earl he changes a lot and becomes spiritual and honorable person with a quit wit. Such a miracle happens due to this wonderful woman. The author Augusta Jane Evans describes such a transformation very skillfully showing a great knowledge of human nature and psychology. Excerpt from book: seasons past, has conducted theatres throughout the northern tier of cities, and he produced "St Elmo" in Windsor, Ont., to secure the British copyrights, on the afternoon of the very evening that Mr. Holcomb's first performance opened at Richmond, Va. "St. Elmo " marks Mr. Glaser's debut as a producing manager, and he is not only presenting the play as a feature of his own repertory, but has organized several touring companies to give the duplicate productions all over the country. Mr. Glaser appeared in the title role at the Academy of Music, in New York, supported by Miss Fay Courtenay, the original "Edna Earle," and a specially selected cast, recruited from all the Glaser organizations. Every production sent out under the direction of Mr. Glaser has been painted from the original models, while the furniture and costuming of the quaint period "Befo1 the wah" are exactly the same in all cases. The companies, too, have been selected with a view to giving the best possible ensemble performance, with no star save "St. Elmo." In reality it is a "life-sized illustrated edition " of the story, condensed and adapted for dramatic effect; and all reports of the play proclaim it the strongest spiritual drama since the days of " The Christian," "Ben Hur," or "The Sign of the Cross." VAUGHAN GLASER January 3, 1910. chapter{Section 4ST. ELMO. CHAPTER L "HE stood and measured the earth: and the everlasting mountains were scattered, the perpetual hills did bow." These words of the prophet upon Shigionoth were sung by a sweet, happy, childish voice, and to a strange, wild, anomalous tune?solemn as the Hebrew chant of Deborah, and fully as triumphant. A slender girl of twelve years' growth steadied a pail of water on her head, with both dimpled arms thrown up...

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