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These delicious little seafish come principally from the Mediterranean ; those esteemed most highly come from Gorgona. These fish are also found in small shoals along the coast of Great Britain, but there are no specific fisheries for them. They are caught at night by nets, the fish being attracted by lights attached to the boats. To preserve them for exportation, the heads are cut off and the bodies cleaned. They are then placed in brine, packed in barrels and afterwards put up in bottles for the market. Dutch anchovies may be known by their having the scales removed ; and the French anchovies by their larger size ; and both by the pale tint of their flesh. This peculiar coloring is sometimes counterfeited by artificial means in sprats or sardines. It would be well to note that the color of the pickle of the best fish on being filtered, is of a clear pink, without sediment; whereas the inferior sorts are generally turbid and red only when stirred, with also a heavy red sediment. To Serve Anchovies. They must be thoroughly cleaned, boned and trimmed. To open, they should be soaked in cold water for a couple of hours, taken out and dried on a cloth, and the backs divided by the points of the two thumbs, rather than with a knife, which should never touch them unless it is electro-plated or of silver. Lay the halves neatly on a dish, and garnish with finely chopped white of egg and parsley; pour salad oil over all. Stuffed Anchovies. Split open some anchovies, wash them well in white wine and bone them. Mince a little cooked fish of any kind, place in a basin with very fine breadcrumbs, and make it into a paste by adding yolk of eggs. Stuff the anchovies with this mixture, dip into frying batter, plunge into a fryingpan of boiling fat and fry to ...

The Cook book
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