The Ghost Breaker

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Charles William Goddard (1879-1951) was a playwright and screenwriter. Goddard began writing Broadway plays before turning to film, adapting a number of his stage works to film. He wrote the script fo


r the Pathe Freres film The Exploits of Elaine, which has been selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry. Today he is interred in Evergreen Cemetery in Portland, Maine. His works include: The Ghost Breaker: A Melodramatic Farce in Four Acts (with Paul Dickey) (1909), The Misleading Lady (1913), The Perils of Pauline (1914), The Ghost Breaker: A Novel Based Upon the Play (with Paul Dickey) (1915), Miss Information (1915), The Broken Wing (with Paul Dickey) (1920), The Hope Diamond Mystery (1921). Paul Dickey (1882-1933) was an American screen writer. His works include: Crossroads (1931), The Layout (1931), The Lincoln Highwayman (1931) and The Brass Bandit (1931).

The Ghost Breaker
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