The Millionairess

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Two brothers named Oliver and Charles, decided to steal three million dollars from the bank at which they work. They need the money to help their mother with her bills and to get out of debt themselve


s. They develop as they think a perfect plan of stealing money. Someone, however, is one step ahead of them, and the price they pay as a result is too high. The "Millionaires" is written from the first-person perspective of the main character, Oliver, which makes for a very quick and entertaining read. Each of Meltzer’s characters is well developed and the plot moves fast. The twists and turns that make this novel so exciting are unexpected yet believable, which only adds to the feel of the story. Certainly, perhaps the most interesting part of the book is that as we follow the characters through their trials, we can relate to the dilemma that they faced in deciding to take the money.

The Millionairess
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