The Mysteries Pagan And Christian

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CMILLAN AND CO.'S THEOLOGICAL CATALOGUE Cbe Bible HISTORY OF THE BIBLE THE BIBLE IN THE CHURCH. By Right Rev. Bishop West- COTT. loth Edition. Pott 8vo. 4s. 6d. BIBLICAL HISTORY THE EVERSLEY BIBLE. Arranged in Paragraphs, with an Intro- duction. By J. W. Mackail, M.A. 8 vols. Globe 8vo. 5s. each. [From October. Vol. I. Genesis?Numbers. II. Deuteronomy?2 Samuel. III. I Kings?Esther. IV. Job?Song of Solomon. V. Isaiah ?Lamentations. VI. Ezekiel?Malachi. VII. Matthew?John. VIII. Acts?Revelation. THE MODERN READER'S BIBLE. A Series of Books from the Sacred Scriptures presented in Modern Literary Form. The Text is that of the Revised Version. It is used by special permission of the University Presses of Oxford and Cambridge. Edited by R. G. Moulton, M.A. Pott 8vo. 2s. 6d. each volume. THE PROVERBS. ECCLESIASTICUS. ECCLESIASTES? WISDOM OF SOLOMON. THE BOOK OF JOB. DEUTERONOMY. GENESIS. THE EXODUS. THE JUDGES. BIBLICAL IDYLS?SOLOMON'S SONG, RUTH, ESTHER, TOBIT. THE KINGS. THE CHRONICLES. ISAIAH. JEREMIAH. EZEKIEL. DANIEL. TIMES.?" The re-arrangements adopted will undoubtedly assist an intelligent study of sacred literature." ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE.?" While the sacred text has in no way been tampered withj the books are presented in modern literary form and are furnished with an introduction and notes by Professor Richard G. Moulton. The notes are scholarly, and of real help to the student." GUARDIAN.?"We believe that Professor Moulton has done much to promote the intelligent study by the ordinary English reader of the Wisdom of the Son of Sirach by the issue of this volume, in which the reader is helped as much by the careful headings provided for the several sections as by the ingenious devices of printing which are employed....

The Mysteries Pagan And Christian
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