The Precious Things of God

Cover of book The Precious Things of God
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Perhaps not so many people know the wonderful and very thoughtful works of Octavius Winslow but everyone who meets the valuable world of his ideas, discovers something new and very important for himse


lf. The Precious Things of God is one of the best books written by Octavius Winslow. Despite the fact that it appeared a long time ago and is filled with old worlds, it is pretty easy to understand the main idea and details because the most important thing is to read this work with your heart. You have to feel every word and then you understand every idea. In this book the author is trying to open readers' eyes on the truths and promises of God. The idea that it is extremely important for each person to build his/her own relationship with God runs through the whole book. The book is written in classical style of the 19th century so it would be extremely interesting to dive into that time and see what great thinkers and philosophers thought about religion and person's connection with God.

The Precious Things of God
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