The Thirsty Sword

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Robert Leighton (1859-1934) was a British author. His works include: The Pilots of Pomona: A Story of the Orkney Islands (1891), The Thirsty Sword (1892), Wreck of the Golden Fleece: The Story of a No


rth Sea Fisher-boy (1894), In the Grip of the Algerine: A Historical Tale (1894), Olaf the Glorious (1895), Under the Foeman's Flag: A Story of the Spanish Armada (1896), The Splendid Stranger: A Story of the Monmouth Rebellion (1898), The Golden Galleon (1898), Convict 99 (with Marie Flora Barbara Connor) (1898), In the Shadow of Guilt (with Marie Flora Barbara Connor) (1901), Cap'n Nat's Treasure: A Tale of Old Liverpool (1902), The Boys of Waveney (1902), The Haunted Ship: A Tale of the Devon Smugglers (1903), In The Land of Ju- Ju: A Tale of Benin (1903), The Kidnapping of Peter Cray: A Story of the South Seas (1903), The Green- Painted Ship (1905), The Cleverest Chap in the School (1910) and Kiddie the Scout (1920).

The Thirsty Sword
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