The Young Captives

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Poor men! they did indeed reach the island; but only to meet a moredreadful death than that threatened them by the waves. Overcome withfatigue and anxiety, they no sooner gained the shore, than they a


ll,captain, crew, and passengers, threw themselves on the earth, and soonwere fast asleep. In this helpless state, they were attacked by thecruel and blood-thirsty savages who inhabited the island, and allbarbarously murdered, except two little boys, John and William Doyley.These children, sons of a gentleman and lady who had been passengersin the ill-fated ship, were kept in captivity by the savages for manyyears.At the time of the shipwreck, John was a stout lad, thirteen or fourteenyears old; but little William was a mere infant, being scarcely twoyears of age! Think what a dreadful life these poor little orphans hadbefore them! Their kind parents cruelly murdered, and themselvesprisoners to the barbarous murderers!

The Young Captives
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