Uther And Igraine

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eas, he was glum and heavy-browed as thunder, with a look in his deep eyes that spelt misery. It was as though he were leaving his very soul in the place to ride out like a corpse on a pilgrimage with despair. How much she might have eased him, perhaps Igraine never knew. The west was already red and rosy, and there was a green hush over the meadows, and a canopy of pale porphyry in the east. All the soul of the world seemed to lift white hands to the night in a stupor of mutest woe. Yet the girl's mood tended towards mere sensitive regret, for the future was not dark to her imaginings. " You are sad, Pelleas," she said. " I am only thinking, Igraine." " I am sorry to leave this place." Pelleas sighed for answer. With a contradictory spirit, born of pain, he longed for night and the peace it would not bring. Something swore to him that he was more to the girl than man had ever been, and yet she seemed happy when he compared her humour with his own. The possibility that she could dream of broken vows was never in his thought. He could only believe that her heart was less deep than his, and the thought only added bitterness to his mead of sorrow. " Igraine," he said anon. She turned to him. You love life ?" "Truth, Pelleas,.! do." " Then love it not, girl." " Ah ! " " 'Tis a broken bowl." " How so ? " she said, thrilling. Pelleas turned his face from her to hide the strife thereon. He felt as though death was in his heart, yet he spoke as quietly as though he were telling some mundane tale, and not words conjured up by a desperate wisdom. " Igraine," he said, " I have lived and learnt something inmy time, and my words are honest. On earth what do we find ? a lie on truth's lips, and anguish on the face of joy. The roses ...

Uther And Igraine
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