Wood Preserving Terms

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acea which when mature attach themselves to rocks, timbers, ship bottoms and even to the bodies of marine animals. Their food consists of microscopic organisms found in the water. They do not injure the wood but frequently attach themselves to ship bottoms in such numbers as to impede the progress of the vessel. barrel thief?An instrument used for taking a sample of liquids from a barrel or other container. A large pipette of glass. Usually consists of a glass or metal tube drawn to a small diameter at each end. Sometimes provided at the lower end with a valve controlled from the upper end by a rod passing through the tube. basidiomycetes ? A group of fungi including most of the edible fungi (e.g. the mushroom). basswood (Tilia)?Also called linn and linden. Wood is straight- grained, usually light and soft, easy to work, shrinks moderately. Takes treatment readily. See poplar. bastard grain ? See flat grain. bath treatment ? See open tank treatment. bayonet heater ? An electric heating device in the form of a long narrow cylinder that can be lowered through the bung hole of a drum or barrel to heat the contents. bay poplar ? tupelo ? See gum. Beaume (abbreviated -Be0)?The name of a density scale used on glass spindle hydrometers. Frequently used in the United States for the quick determination of specific gravity of liquids. Two of these are used, one for liquids lighter than water and one for liquids heavier than water. Conversion tables give the specific gravity from the number of degrees Beaume. The conversion formulae are: For liquids heavier than water 145 -r- (145??Be)= specific gravity. For liquids lighter than water 140 -=- (130 + Be)= specific gravity. beech (Fagus) ? There is only one variety (Fagus ferrug...

Wood Preserving Terms
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