Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness

Cover of book Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness
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"This is one of the Yogi Publication Society (YPS) titles, which may have been in part or whole written by William Walker Atkinson. At the very least, this volume seems to have been padded out a bit.


The first few chapters are consistent in tone and style, and discuss basics of Hindu (or perhaps Theosophist) thought in very general terms, with lots of italics and small caps for emphasis. There is even a realistic description of a saddhu and a fishmarket in Benares, local color which you don't typically find in the YPS series. Hindu technical terms are used correctly (and spelled correctly)." (Quote from of Contents Publisher's Preface; Introduction; The Yogi Conception Of Life; The Ideal And The Practical; Read And Reflect; Man: Animal And Divine; Double Consciousness; Spiritual Unfoldment; Cause And Effect; Man-the Master; Self-development; Developing The Spiritual Consciousness; Who Can Be A Yogi?; Constructive Idealism; Higher Reason And Judgment; Conquest Of Fear; The Role Of Prayer; Thought: Creative And Exhaustive; Meditation Exercise; Self-de-hypnotisation; Self-de-hypnotisation-ii.; Character-building; ConclusionAbout the Publisher Forgotten Books is a publisher of historical writings, such as: Philosophy, Classics, Science, Religion and Mythology. http://www.forgottenbooks.orgForgotten Books is about sharing knowledge, not about making money. Our books are priced at wholesale prices. We print in large sans-serif font, which is proven to make the text easier to read and put less strain on your eyes. Happy reading!

Yoga Lessons for Developing Spiritual Consciousness
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